Ecology and environment


A long term interest which which grew out my love of gardening. Over recent years themes such as pollution and climate change have not ceased to grow in importance. Since merely being interested in a subject is not sufficient for it to be judged a specialisation in translation terms I have used the recent development in on-line courses offered by some of the world's top universities to study further and ensure that my terminology is permanently up-to-date.  The individual courses followed have included: Sustainable Development (University of Nottingham, UK), Ocean Solutions covering all aspects of the world's oceans and their ability to provide mankind with food, energy, fresh water and raw materials (University of Western Australia), Organic Solar Cells (Technical University of Denmark), Climate Change (University of Melbourne, Australia).



Botanical and gardening


It all began as a keen gardener in England 30 years ago, continued in France from 1991 and led to the creation of a specialist plant nursery which was successfully developed over some 15 years.  Member of the Association des Pépiniéristes Collectionneurs, national collection holder (hosta cultivars) and author of the only French book on the genus ("Les Hostas").  They say the English have green 'hands', it is certainly true that once addicted to gardening there is no known cure.  A passion that continues with new plant introductions, the development of new techniques and new ideas in garden design. 




Building and property


A period as personal assistant to the Managing Director of one of the UK's major house building companies (Comben Homes later bought out by the Trafalgar Group) supplied a good grounding in both the fields of property and building in the UK and France. 


Later a close partnership with a building surveyor added an in-depth knowledge of property purchase and renovation on both sides of the Channel.






If the English are known for their prowess in all things horticultural, the French are the undisputed kings in the kitchen.  Whether you need a simple recipe translating or a whole book it is important to remember that neither the techniques nor the ingredients are necessarily the same both sides of the Channel.  Without the essential explanations, a culinary disaster could wreck a family reunion or ruin a burgeoning relationship.


Personal experience:

A father-in-law who was chef and hotel-owner (L'Ancresse Lodge, Guernsey, Channel Isles)






Whatever the sector; if you hope to attract a non-French speaking clientele then a web site, guide book, flyer or leaflet in English are essential.  The cost of a good translation is minimal compared to the advantages it can bring, not only native English speakers but all those who have learnt English as a foreign language. 


Professional experience:

Marketing assistant for UK sales 'Rocha Brava' (holiday complex on the Algarve coast, Portugal)

Marketing assistant for UK sales 'Les Couchants' (holiday complex at Porticcio, Corsica)


Personal experience:

A father-in-law who was chef and hotel-owner (L'Ancresse Lodge, Guernsey, Channel Isles)



Web sites


English is generally acknowledged to be the language of the internet and whether you are selling directly to English speakers or merely wish to have as large an audience as possible for your web site, it is essential to have at least the main pages translated into English.  The additional cost is minimal.


A few interesting statistics from www.internetworldstats.com :

A total  of 536,564,837 English speaking people use the internet

42.0 % of English speaking people use internet

The number of English speaking internet users has grown by 281.2 % over the last 10 years

27.3 % of all internet users speak English



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