Every translation is unique and I work on a rate per word which depends on the nature of the text.  Evidently a document using a simple vocabulary will be very much quicker to translate than one which is more technical or literary.  The price quoted will be per word in the source text, i.e. the text you supply. To give a basic indication of cost, the minimum price per word for a simple text is 0.08€ and the maximum 0.15€.  The  minimum amount for any one invoice of 25.00€.

For writing a précis or résumé  the quote will also be based on the number of words in the target text, but this will obviously be considerably less than that for a translation of the same text.

Proof-reading is based on an hourly rate.   If in reality it takes longer than anticipated, the price will not change.

If you wish to receive a quote please contact me by e-mail, giving as much detail as possible about the document to be translated and including the document as an attachment.  If you are unable to send the entire document please send at least a part and confirm:

  • the size of the document (number of words)

  • the date by which you need to receive the translation   

  • the type of text concerned (literary, technical, etc) and the program used to create it

  • whether you require a translation, a précis or proofreading

  • any other information which may be useful.


I will contact you by return or as soon as possible.


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Terms and conditions



Every quote is definitive*.


I guarantee to meet the

agreed deadline*.


Payment within 30 days

of the invoice date. 


 *  unless the original text is

      subsequently amended



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