Whether it be a simple document that needs to be translated (birth certificate or driving licence), whether you are baffled by the bureaucratic language of your local council or a seemingly threatening letter from your friendly bank manager.  Whether you need an accurate translation or simply to have the text explained the solution will often cost considerably less than you think.


You've decided to take the plunge and go for that delightful country cottage in deepest Brittany, or a practical flat in the centre of Toulouse.  The estate agent speaks English, or the sales negotiator does, but are they totally objective?  All those pages of legalese, what do they really mean?


I am not a lawyer, I can only tell you what the text means, not whether it is right for you.   But at least you'll know what you're signing.



You want or need an insurance policy, wouldn't it be nice to really understand all the exclusion clauses before disaster hits and you find that in fact you're not covered for this, or that, or the other?



Getting it all translated will be too expensive ...    maybe not ... and since a quote COSTS NOTHING




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