These terms and conditions are for information only, being a translation of the legally binding "Conditions Générales de Vente" which will form part of any contract and which are available by clicking here



By signing a Quote/Order Form the Client agrees to these terms and conditions in their entirety and without reservation, exception being made for that which is specified in writing and agreed by both parties.




1. Translation work is priced on the basis of an amount per word in the source text (words contained in the text to be translated according to MS Word's statistics tool).  Proof reading and revision are priced on the basis of an hourly rate after an estimation of the number of hours necessary to complete the work required.

2. Every quote is free of charge and based on the documents to be translated, as supplied by the Client.  The price indicated on the Quote/Order Form is firm unless:

a) the content of the documents to be translated is altered or added to by the Client when the order is confirmed;

b) the documents were not supplied when the quote was prepared and this was based purely on the number of words to be translated and a sample of the text to be translated.  In either case the Translator reserves the right to amend the price quoted and inform the Client before the work is begun.




3. Every order must be confirmed in writing, preferably with the Quote/Order form being returned to the Translator by post, by e-mail or by fax, duly dated and signed by the Client with the words "bon pour accord".  We reserve the right not to begin any work before receiving a signed confirmation.

4. The delivery period indicated on the quote runs from the date the signed order is received by the Translator.  If a signed order has not been received within five (5) working days of the date of the quote, the Translator reserves the right to alter this delivery period taking into consideration the work load when the signed order is received.  The Translator will inform the Client of any change to the delivery period before beginning work.

5.  The Client may provide reference documents and or sketches, drawings or plans to accompany the text to be translated in order to allow for a clearer understanding of the said text.  Any glossary provided by the Client will be integrated into the translation. 

6.  For any order with a total price of over 500 euros (five hundred euros) the Translator reserves the right to request a down-payment equivalent to 50% of the price quoted.  In this case the work will not begin until this down-payment has been received (by bank transfer, by cheque drawn on a French bank in France, or by PayPal).

7.  The Translator guarantees that she will respect the confidentiality of the information translated, read or simply supplied to her, whatever its nature.

8.  The responsibility of the Translator does not apply to the transfer of information by Internet.  The Client recognises that information transmitted by Internet is not secure and accepts this risk.  The Client agrees not to pursue the Translator for any information leaked when the transfer is by Internet.




9. All invoices are payable within thirty (30) days of the invoice date and are not liable for VAT.

10. Payment is to be made by bank transfer, by cheque (written on a euro account and drawn on a bank in France, made out to Jane Phillips) or by PayPal.  The postal address can be found on the invoice and the order and details of the bank account (IBAN etc) are available on request.

11. In the case of late payment, all work in progress will be stopped without notice until full payment of the invoice concerned is made.  Interest on the total amount of the invoice will be charged at a rate of one and a half times the bank base rate. 

12.  The translation remains the property of the Translator until full payment has been made.




13.  Under no circumstances shall the responsibility of the Translator  exceed the total amount of the invoice for the translation concerned.

14.  Under no circumstances shall the Translator be held responsible for claims made due to differences in style.

15.  The delivery date is only given as an indication and late delivery shall under no circumstances give rise to a claim for penalties.  Under no circumstances shall the responsibility of the Translator be engaged due to damage, direct or indirect, caused to the Client or to any third party, as a result of late delivery and particularly in the case of force majeure, nor due to delayed delivery by the postal system or problems linked to fax or electronic transfer.

16.  The Translator guarantees that she will make every effort to provide a professional service of the highest quality.   

17.  Any complaint concerning the quality of the work provided must be addressed to the Translator within a period of five (5) days from the receipt of the final documents.  After this period the work is considered to have been carried out correctly and will be invoiced.  

18.  The acknowledgement of a small number of inaccuracies in the work carried out by the Translator does not bring into question the work in its entirety.  The Translator reserves the right to carry out the necessary modifications and/or allow the Client a discount or a credit note.

19.  The Client may request a discount of 5% of the total amount of the order for any delay which is totally the fault of the Translator.  Any delay which is in any way attributable to the Client (delay in delivering the documents to be translated, in supplying necessary information, text supplied in an invalid format, or illegible, etc) will not under any circumstances lead to any compensation on the part of the Translator.




20.  In the case of cancellation by the Client, the work already carried out will be invoiced in its totality, the remaining part of the order will be invoiced at 50% of the quote.




21.  Any complaint must be made in writing by registered letter (lettre recommandée avec accusé de réception) or by e-mail with automatic acknowledgement of receipt, within five (5) days of receipt of the completed work.




23. The two parties agree that in case of dispute, of whatever nature, that they will endeavour to find an amicable settlement as follows:  the aggrieved party will contact the Commission d'Arbitrage of the Société Française de Traducteurs by registered letter, with a copy sent by registered letter to the other party.  Both parties agree to allow the said Commission to find an appropriate settlement and to do all in their power to enable a successful conciliation and to act in good faith.  Both parties agree not to take legal action against the other during the four (4) months following the date on which the Commission is seized and accept that any action taken to the contrary and which produces an obstacle to any possible amicable settlement justifies the payment of that party of the sum of 1,500 euros to the other.  




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